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“Monday?” She said, and her mind was saying, “Monday? Fuck Monday!! That’s 5 days later, I need something NOW. N-O-W, NOW, some release maybe some more teasing, just one more touch would make her cum, she was sure!”

But there was nothing she could do. He sounded all business-like, smiling at her, like he was waiting for her to leave. She was not going to beg some stranger for sex. She was married! This last came home to her as a surprise. Damn! He had excited her so much she’d forgotten she was a high-society, hot-ass, married lady who didn’t cheat on her husband!

She picked up her dark glasses, her purse, adjusted her soft, long, flowing hair and got in her car without a backward glance.

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She started driving away and at first chance, looked down. Yes, she was wet, there was a big wet spot on her salwar right between her legs. Her face flushed a bright red as she thought there was no chance he wouldn’t have noticed it. And the hell of the matter was, she was still turned on like anything. She couldn’t shake the memory of his hands from her mind. How good they felt, how they made her feel all tingly inside. How her pussy reacted when he touched her bare back. How he boldly put his fingers on her pussy…damn, that made her pussy twitch like crazy, she damn near came just from thinking about it!

Her first action when she got home was to head for the bathroom, letting her purse, glasses and car keys fall where they will. She closed the bathroom door, started the water in the tub and started taking off her clothes.

Water was only 2 inches deep yet, but it was deep enough that it tingled her pussy as she settled in.

She was thinking of Raj as she started ramming her finger into her tight, hot pussy. The memory of his hands and how boldly and calmly he has teased her today was fueling her lust and she finger fucked her wet, dripping cunt harder and harder, using 2 fingers now.

She came hard! Harder than she had ever come! Her body twitched uncontrollably, thrashing in the warm water of the tub.

She kept thinking of Raj and her fingers continued to fuck her still hot cunt. By the time the water was up to her shoulder, she had come 3 more times. All huge, mind-numbing orgasms! Now she lay back, exhausted, sated, to enjoy her bath.

That night she fell asleep, reliving the experience at the tailor shop. Next morning, she got no time to think about it as she had to get ready to go to office and take care of business. But just as soon as she had settled in her big executive chair, her first thought was how good she had felt in the tailor shop and later in the tub.

All day she kept thinking about Raj and his expert hands, twice she got so excited that she had to lock her office door and finger herself. But both times the phone rang and she had to postpone pleasure for business.

The feeling of having been insulted slowly faded away and she actually started feeling horny for those hands again.

That night she couldn’t sleep that easily. She dreamt of Raj and woke up hornier than ever. She decided there was no way but to go there again. But how? He had called her 5 days later for the first fitting of the suit. All day at work next day she was distracted, thinking of an excuse to go there. Her heart beat faster every time she imagined going to the tailor shop again, stepping into the inner room for “measurement”…damn, that thought was moistening her pussy without even touching!

Then she got it, she’ll have to get a new dress made for her. She could buy the material this evening after office. She felt her body respond with a rush of hormones as she thought about this plan.

So eager was she, that she left work early and went to a shopping mall. After a lot of browsing and experimenting she bought a sequin dress material, thinking she’d ask him to make her a micromini dress for a party. Then she suddenly thought about what would she wear to his shop tonight? Now that she was at the mall, she should get something hot to wear this evening.

She decided to get something sexy, something hot that would get his attention. Something that’d tell him what kind of attention she wanted. That kind of thinking led her into the short skirts section. And then the top had to match the skirt.

In her bed room, she looked at the two tiny pieces of clothing she had bought laid out on her bed. The top was a halter, not much bigger than a bra, one string strap tying behind her neck and one on her back. That’d leave almost all her back exposed. The top was tight and did not cover her full 36C tits completely, a very generous amount of cleavage was available in the middle where a diamond broach (it looked like diamond) was holding the two cups together. The skirt was equally slutty, uneven flared hem, silky just like the top, the maximum length was 8 inches but it varied going to as less as 6 inches on her left thigh. On her left thigh a similar diamond-looking pin/broach was scrunching top half of the skirt, making a triangular naked area on her upper thigh and making the hem of the short skirt 2 inches higher.

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Nitu took care to take a nice bath and then apply creams to her skin, so that her exposed skin would not only look nice but also feel nice. She shaved her armpits and her pussy. Then applied an expensive, seductive perfume, around her armpits, near her tits, and also around her bald, soft, bare pussy. She surveyed the effect after wearing the tiny top and skirt, and the tiniest, small thong she could find. It was necessary also because of the bare patch in the skirt, normal panties would show.

She wore 5″ high heeled open toed shoes. The heels were pencil style, the platform clear and the straps that tied around her calves were white.

As she stood before the long mirror, she could feel her body charged with horniness. Maybe it was the effect of the clothes and dress up, or the anticipation of what she was going to do, but as she lifted her skirt, she could see a quite bit wet patch on the thong already.


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